V-TEK Static Intelligent Truck Scales - 200 MT

V-TEK series of weighbridges reflects the outcome of advance & constant research and technogical know how, acquired in the weighing sector. The weighbridge steel deck is retrofit in semi bolting design. This high strength structure is designed to with stand all types of vehicular loads according to IRC-3 structural steel design means a stronger truck scale or a weighbridge that can resist deflection. On the other hand the steel platform has been designed to be as light weight as possible to make handling Installation transportation easier and less time consuming and ideal to change location several times with its wide open bottom ribbed modular design which prevents the potentially damaging effects of internal corrosion and easy access to interne components for easy maintenance.
RETROFIT DESIGN - Fastest Assembly & Dismantling For Easy Location.
CUBICAL MODULAR - Symmetric Load Compensation & Even Load Distribution.
WEB MODULES - Easy Expamdable In Size & Capacity For Future Expansion.
APPROVALS - IIT Roorkee, STRAD Pro III, BIS 9281, OIWL, Prevents Deflection, Disfortion & Swaying.
TANTAMOUNT- Fastest & Even Weight Transfer.
RUST TREATED - Primer Oxides, Industrial Epoxy Paints.
MODEL APPROVAL - 200 MT Excellence In Performence For Continuous Weighing Cycles.
OIML - Safety Standards To Absorb Erratic & Destructive Overloads by 100%.
NPL - Laboratory Standard Tested To Ensure Minimum Lifespan Despite Overloads.

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