Digital Weighbridges

The digital Weighbridge shall comprise of a mechanical platform structure resting freely on Four/Six/Eight/Ten Load Cells. The Weighbridge would be PIT/PITLESS type i.e. at/above the ground level & Can be Extendable upto 24 mt. to the Desired Proportional Capacity 200 mt.

Slow Speed WIM

The Slow speed Weigh in Motion is used at Toll Projects/Borders to check overload vehicles without having to stop to minimize prevent stoppage. The System is Capable to Work as a standalone system and classifies the vehicle with the help of the integrated optional components required. This product comes as a complete solution comprises of MS Steel structure following ISO 2062 standards, Flintec load cells, Magnetic loop detector, IR separator, Microchip controller, Built in memory and Indicator etc.

Medium Speed WIM

Vishwakarma became India’s first company to introduce “Medium Speed Weigh In Motion” system, which can work proficiently up to a speed of 60 kmph. It’s innovative design comprises of bending plate with strain gauges bonded to the underside along with highly optimized indicator to capture and transfer flawless data. The system records the strain measured by strain gauges and calculates the dynamic load. The accuracy of these systems is much higher than other available technology systems. It’s innovative design make easy installation and less maintenance.This product is best suited for the various requirements like: Toll ETC Lane, HTMS Projects, Traffic Data collection and ITS projects etc.

High Speed WIM

As our country's transportation infrastructure ages and reaches the limit of its capacity. Today's traffic volume and limited throughput capacity of existing weigh stations simply will not allow every truck to be weighed statically. Vehicle Weigh in Motion offers just the right solution to the transportation/tolling stations.

Standalone WIM cum AVCC System

WIM cum AVCC System is a unique and proven solution which is based on years of research and experience in the field and specifically designed and developed considering Indian rules/regulation and conditions. It is a combination of set of equipment’s (mechanical/electronics) which are connected to an intelligent controller, based on devices input at various point of time controller decide and provide the complete relevant details.

Intelligent Integrated Checkposts

The Integrated Check Post Solution is a combination of various components and integration of vehicle information to enhance the following automation accountability and acquisition of relevant details of each and every vehicle passing across State borders to facilitate clearance/checking of commercial traffic at one station by various Govt. Departments like Transport, Excise & Taxation, Police, Forest, Sales Tax. The Commercial Vehicles are weighed, data is verified, with its fitness, registration, transit documents evaluated and thereafter the relevant department initiates the steps accordingly.

Axle Pads

Preventing the use of overloaded vehicles on the roads and expressways has a significant impact on the economics associated with road consequences, asset maintenance and traffic flow by reducing road damage and other resulting traffic restrictions. Portable Wheel and Axle Load Monitoring Systems offer flexible weighing, for heavy and light vehicles, wherever required, even on the roadside. Popular for conducting traffic local survey. Ideally used for proximity axle and eccentric load by the Highways Authority for random check on or off highways. Axle Pads provide a variety of vehicle load monitoring solutions that are used to prevent and detect the overloaded vehicles to ensure that important safety and legal criteria are compiled with Transportation Directives.

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