High speed Wim

High Speed Wim

Mechatronic bars are designed for the dynamic weighing of automobile axle/wheel in highway. The average speed ranges from 25 kmphr - 120 Kmphr Accuracys ranging from 10% onwards. High speed weigh in motion systems were primarily developed and design to cater to the ever growing need for seamless automated pre sorted weighing systems.The Multi sensor HSWIM system collects axle weights, spacing, vehicle speed, dimension, height classification and other relevant data. The accumulated data automatically further matches them to weights and dimensions laws, set as default parameters in the WIM reporting software as per the enforcement laws of the Land; If the truck is found to be within the legal compliance the driver would be given a green signal to pass if the truck is found non-compliant, a directional signal message sign guides the trucker to report to he Slow speed Wims and or a combination of static scale or further action.

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